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Form Ghana is responsible to its stakeholders to identify and solve all complaints and grievances appropriately, timely and fairly. Where possible, we focus on dialogue to address and resolve grievances.

The comprehensive Complaint Response Mechanism (CRM) demonstrates that the company has taken the appropriate steps to address the issue, protect the complainant where possible, try to find a win-win solution, and has been fair, impartial and ethically professional in our approach.

Internal Complaints

Form Ghana implements a comprehensive set of employment and employee-related policies, procedures and Safe Operating Practices (SOPs) that protect their and the company's rights regarding work, working conditions and relationships with colleagues. Broadly, the CRM:

  • Outlines what constitutes a workplace grievance to communicate a clear definition to employees
  • Identifies a step-by-step procedure for seeking a resolution to the workplace grievance
  • Sets out a process after arriving at a resolution
  • Sets out an appeals mechanism and escalation protocol

External Complaints

External complaints can have a variety of origins. Complainants can roughly be categorised as follows: intercropping farmers, members of surrounding communities, pastoralists residing near the project area, Government bodies (local, regional and national), service providers, NGOs, and others.

Stakeholders can express their complaints at stakeholder meetings, community meetings, intercropper/outgrower meetings, focus group discussions and one-on-one sessions. If the complaint is not solved in the forum, the complaint is escalated to the Environment and Social (E&S) Manager, who implements the formal CRM procedure.

There are several methods for external stakeholders to inform Form Ghana about their dissatisfaction. It includes:

  • Raising the issue publicly at community meetings, sensitising sessions, intercropper/outgrower meetings, and focus group discussions
  • One-to-one with Form Ghana's E&S Manager Paul Ontoaneyin
  • Register the complaint electronically at
  • Send an email to the address posted on community notice boards
  • Use Form Ghana’s telephone hotline numbers found on community notice boards
  • Use the phone number on Form Ghana's vehicles 055-1552227.
Form Ghana Complaints assessment, resolution and closing out process
Form Ghana Complaints assessment, resolution and closing out process

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