Community relationships
Form Ghana believes in the power of collaboration and stakeholder engagement to promote lasting and empowering social, economic and environmental impact.

Aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Form Ghana strongly emphasises social impact and community engagement. Paul Ontoaneyin manages the company's dedicated Environment and Social (E&S) Department, assisted by E&S Officers Bismark Manu Adjei and Evelyn Affreh.

"We regularly meet with community leaders and farmers to discuss their needs and identify and solve problems that fall within the scope of FORM Ghana's agreement with the Forestry Commission", explains Paul.

By involving the Forestry Commission and traditional and community leaders in decision-making, Form Ghana promotes inclusive and participatory approaches to sustainable development.

"If a problem is beyond the company's control, we liaise with the Forestry Commission, relevant government departments and organisations to facilitate a solution. Maintaining open communication lines fosters transparency, trust, and a sense of ownership and shared responsibility".

Fire programme

Through comprehensive training programs, farmers and community firefighting teams are supplied with the necessary skills, health & safety, mobile phone and firefighting equipment to manage controlled burns and for firefighting.

The communities are thankful for the Fire Danger Index information boards and, particularly during the fire season, updating the boards every 15 minutes. The plantation office staff monitor the Fire Hawk camera system and lookout towers and inform the community fire team leaders by WhatsApp.

By empowering local communities in fire management, the company promotes sustainable land use, protects food and health systems, and contributes to climate action.


Form Ghana's commitment to social sustainability extends beyond reforestation and job creation. It embraces the Taungya System of agroforestry and inter-cropping practices, which combine food crops with strategically planted trees. These activities restore ecosystems, diversify income sources and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

Infrastructure, health & safety

Since its founding, the company has established and maintained roads for villages adjacent to the forestry reserves it manages. It built a six-classroom school in Akumadan, a vital access bridge, and installed solar-powered mechanised boreholes.

Form Ghana's social commitments support the goal of eradicating poverty, ensuring food security and potable water.

Form Ghana prioritises people. It cares for its staff and their families. Every morning all staff receive a free wholesome meal before they start work. There is a creche at the plantation office where children are cared for while their mothers work.

Do you want to join our team?

At Form Ghana we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. Together we can make reforestation of degraded land possible! Form Ghana invests in its team by training and on-the-job skills development.
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