Samuel Ampofo Owusu is the new Executive Assistant

Samuel Ampofo Owusu embraces a new role

Published on Aug, Wed, 2023

Samuel (Sammy) Ampofo Owusu has recently been appointed Executive Assistant to Form Ghana's CEO. As an integral part of the leadership team, the Executive Assistant plays a vital role in supporting the CEO and ensuring the smooth functioning of the organisation.
Sammy has a BSc in Accounting and an MBA in Finance. He joined Form Ghana in November 2012 after completing his national service. "I chose Form Ghana because I wanted to contribute to an exciting, forward-thinking and fast-moving company in an important industry", he says.
"I am a meticulous accountant versed in audit coordination and execution. Over the years, Form Ghana has allowed me to adapt to various job roles", Sammy explains. He says the experiences have developed his abilities to multitask, think critically, meet strict timelines and provide accurate reporting.
"As the Executive Assistant, I will focus on corporate governance, ensuring strict compliance with applicable laws and meeting all investor requirements. My previous experience in the company has deepened my understanding of working with external stakeholders.
"It has also deepened my communication skills with the various departments within the company and enhanced my time management skills, which will greatly impact my success in this new role".
Sammy believes Form Ghana's focus on good corporate governance will allow it to take advantage of new opportunities that arise.
"Form Ghana's operations are increasingly moving into the digital space where banking, harvesting and operations are managed electronically or by machines. This means we must ensure our staff are upskilled and digitally dexterous".
He advises aspiring professionals seeking senior management positions to be focused, dedicated, committed, involved, consistent and hardworking.

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