Published on Nov, Mon, 2023

There's no better way to secure the future of a country and company than by attracting, nurturing and developing young and dynamic leaders. In this newsletter, we introduce Form Ghana’s Management Trainee Programme (MTP), which develops the company’s leaders to ensure our continuity and sustainability.

The MTP is sought-after by Ghanaian graduates wanting to work for a forward-thinking company in the highly rewarding fields of environmental stewardship, community engagement, reforestation and growing local economies. At the same time, Form Ghana provides the tools and opportunities for career development and personal growth.

“Young talent brings fresh ideas and innovation, contributing to Form Ghana’s adaptability and growth. Recruiting and selecting young people ensures that there is a pool of future leaders well-prepared and aligned with the company's values and objectives”, explains Mariam Awuni, Form Ghana’s Human Resources Manager.

“The MTP was introduced in 2010 to minimise disruptions in our operations by encouraging experienced supervisors and managers to pass on their knowledge, expertise, and institutional memory while remaining open to new ideas”, she says.

The Form Ghana MTP is an immersive experience that takes candidates through all levels of the organisation. Mariam explains that young graduates rotate through various departments and work side-by-side with teams in the nurseries and infield, supervisors, officers, foresters, and managers.

“This hands-on exposure gives potential leaders a rounded understanding of Form Ghana’s operations and what it means to be a sustainable forestry company. They are encouraged to take ownership of projects to develop their soft skills and understand leadership responsibilities. This helps them gain confidence and develop their decision-making skills”, Mariam explains.

The MTP period is six continuous months. When they have completed the programme, trainees can leave or join Form Ghana. They can build a career in the company by starting as a Management Assistant and rising through the ranks as Supervisors, Officers, Foresters, and Managers when there is a vacancy.

“While we are proud of the graduates who choose to continue their journey with Form Ghana, we understand that career paths are diverse. Many of our former students have ventured into other professional avenues, and we couldn't be happier with the feedback we receive. They tell us the experience and learnings gained during the MTP has given them the tools to secure other jobs and build successful careers”.

Mariam says, “The impact of the programme is far-reaching. Most of our management team are graduates who are contributing to Form Ghana’s sustainability and thereby playing a significant role in shaping the future of Ghana”.

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At Form Ghana we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. Together we can make reforestation of degraded land possible! Form Ghana invests in its team by training and on-the-job skills development.
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